Our factory is located in Binh Duong Province in Vietnam. The whole area is around 16,000 square meter. It contains three main production area: Semi-product area, wooden handle area, and major brush/roller assemble area. One of Lins enterprise's competitiveness comes from our attempt to producing from the beginning. Making our own wooden handles, plastic handles, ferrule, mixed bristle and filament gives us a better control over the quality. Besides, it also allows our RD team to develop new products in a more flexible way. Lins enterprise launched a new production plan last year: we started to produce filaments by ourselves. It not only satisfies the need in Vietnam, but also fulfill the demand from our China production base.

Paint brush production line




Paint roller production line


Thanks to our old production base in China, we are able to ensure the steady supply of imported materials like fabric or bristle. Our staff in China also imposes strict quality control over all raw materials. Moreover, due to the concern of longer devliery time, we build up spacious warehouses to store raw materials for at least 2-3 months' need. It strengthens our supply system, in case any emergency happens that deters us from getting imported materials on time.

Regarding the local materials, the past experiences in purchasing raw materials in China also gives us a better idea about the reasonable price range when purchasing in Vietnam. Of course, the lower production cost in Vietnam means a better price than raw materials in China.