Brief introduction

Found in 2014, Lins enterprise is the largest paintbrush and paint roller factory in Vietnam. We provide an assortment of painting tools to satisfy customers’ request. Our major customers are in Asia, including Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Moreover, the market also expands to Europe and North America.

Our Network

Lins enterprise owns high competitiveness over other factories due to the cooperation of the three bases: Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Our business started in Taiwan 30 years ago. This distributing center now plays a major role in Taiwanese painting tool market and has accumulated abundant marketing experiences to help us improve product quality and customer service.

China is currently our resource center for importing most raw materials, including fabric, bristle, and iron rod, etc. More importantly, the base in China provides the most professional team for the production base in Vietnam. This professional team supports all production techniques for Lins enterprise, fostering a stronger production team in Vietnam.

The major production base is in Lins enterprise, Vietnam. Vietnam owns numerous advantages over other southeast Asian countries, including tariff reduction, the stable climate without natural disasters, the stable political status, and the young labor force. Exploiting the rich local resources, such as inexpensive utility or labor cost, we are able to offer competitive prices for our customers.

Our staff

Current and future

Thanks to the marketing experiences from Taiwan and the technical support from China, Lins enterprise is thriving and expanding to a larger production base. The expanding project has started last year for the new filament factory. Due to the decreasing amount of bristle from China, Lins enterprise decided to gradually replace bristle with filament, but without any degradation in user experiences. Meanwhile, we set up a research center for experimenting with different materials. We are striving for developing filaments with better quality: higher absorption, more smooth brushstroke, or better flexibility. The new production of filament can definitely give us more control over the quality of the filaments.

In the future, we would not stop making changes to our products. We will come up with more and more creative ideas on how to enhance the quality of our products. In addition to filaments, we are also trying a few different materials on our plastic handles, wondering if Lins enterprise can take the lead in exploiting green materials in this industry. The painting tool industry should not be considered as a traditional manufacturing industry anymore. Instead, this brand new industry will incorporate various tech innovations and evolve with changing user experiences.